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What kind of chipS are you 

Fire blesses pita chips and Aries.

ARIES:-Pita chips

Taurus is the zodiac's potato—versatile, dependable, dense, and long-lasting.

TAURUS :- Sour cream and onion chips

Pringles, made for Gemini by one of their own. 

GEMINI:- Pringles

Funyuns' recipe hasn't altered in nearly 50 years, like cancer.


SunChips are lion-friendly because Leo is solar-ruled.


Virgos strive for perfection, and the Cool Ranch Dorito is the best triangle.

VIRGO :- Cool Ranch Doritos

Libras and Lays, audience favourites.

LIBRA :- Lay’s Potato Chips

"Taste it and recollect your craziest love adventures,"

SCORPIO :- Chazz P—y-flavored potato chips

Cheetos' mascot is Sagittarius.


Salt and vinegar chips are ideal for Capricorns.

CAPRICORN:-Cape Cod salt and vinegar chips

Kale chips are the future snack for Aquarians.

AQUARIUS:- Kale chips

Pisces love munchies—more is more, stoner food.

PISCES:-Munchies Snack Mix

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