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What Makes Each Zodiac Stop Texting You


They will seem like everything is OK, but they're rehearsing what you said in their brain and won't contact you until they're over it or ready to face you.XI's win was their first of this season.


If they thought you were being cryptic, secretive, or restrained on purpose, they may not think you're compatible enough to go on.


They want to text you, but they don't know what to say or how to say it, so they keep typing and erasing messages because they don't want to appear too corny, needy.


They're waiting for the "perfect time" to contact you and tell you how they feel or ask you out. They don't lie or play games, so when they reach out, they have to be sure.

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If you weren't clever enough to appreciate their sense of humour or they felt like they offended you, they'll be hesitant to do it again since it's who they are.


You mocked something they enjoy. Maybe you made fun of their pet, shoes, or trousers. Small things might irritate a Virgo and make them not want to contact you again.


You dislike their favourite artist or football team. If you don't like sports or music, Libras will find someone who does.


You're ghosted. Scorpios ghost people because they chat to so many people at once and don't want to explain why they're no longer interested.



You're being investigated. They like to "look before they jump," so they're still trying to find out whether you're compatible before reaching out to you.


You proved you can handle more. If they're not ready, Capricorns won't be with anybody. Since they don't want to harm you, they'll text you when they're ready.


They're waiting for your text. Aquarians are notorious to say the wrong thing at the wrong moment, so they're waiting for you to start a discussion so they don't push you away.


Space is needed. You definitely spent too much time with them, so they're hibernating to sort out their emotions and desires. When puzzled, they vanish and return.

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