What soup is best for your zodiac sign?

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ARIES   Tortellini soup

When it comes to the body, Aries is in charge of the head, and tortellini looks a lot like an ugly top hat. Plus, this cardinal fire sign is ruled by the planet of conflict, which makes them more likely to want to be first, best, and right.

TAURUS   Potato soup

Taurus is the sign of people who are hungry both physically and for food. In the same way, potato soup is "so thick you could shake its hand and walk with it before dinner," as the poet Robert Crawford said.


As a mutable air sign, Gemini is flexible with facts and is likely to adapt, change shape, turn things upside down, and disagree. People like this love language and telling stories, and they thrive on conflict.

CANCER   Chicken noodle soup

Cancer is the zodiac sign that is most connected to roots, family, and taking care of others. A bowl of chicken noodle soup is the most well-known and universal way to say "Get well soon."


LEO  Tomato soup

Andy Warhol, a famous artist and apex Leo, took the Campbell's Soup can, a supermarket staple, and screen printed it into fame. This shows how lions and the spotlight are drawn to each other.

VIRGO  Classic soup

Virgo is in charge of the stomach, and even though they aren't as emotional as their cousins who are Cancers, they are just as good at taking care of people, being a nurse, telling the future, and selling cures. 

SCORPIO  French onion

Sopa Azteca, which is another name for tortilla soup, comes from Mexico. It teaches us to be resourceful and optimistic, two traits of a Sagittarius. In this soup with dried chiles, old tortillas are given new life and a baptism in hot oil.

CAPRICORN   Miso soup

Capricorn is known for scarcity, feeling like a dad, having a sense of superiority, and passing on lessons. In the same way, Buddhist monks brought miso to Japan about 1300 years ago.

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AQUARIUS   Cream of mushroom 

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. It walks the line between what is normal and what is unusual. Water bearers see themselves in the gelatinous goo that is Campbell's cream of mushroom soup.

PISCES  Matzo ball soup

Pisces is the poet of the zodiac because it is ruled by Neptune and always chooses feelings over logic. This is best shown in the following lines from a crowdsourced poem called "The Ceremony of Giving,".

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