What You Fear The Most, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries is perpetually conflicted. They are seeking both excitement and peace.


They don't want a dull existence, but they do want their interactions and friendships to be enduring and not merely transitory.

A Taurus is very dependable and grounded; they seek harmony in their lives.


Bulls have chest pain and emotional meltdowns when confronted with the prospect of experiencing discomfort.

Expression is the most important quality of each Gemini personality. Hence, people frequently dread being unable to properly express themselves.


They worry that they won't be able to pursue their passions and that they aren't as talented or intelligent as they believe they are.

A Cancer fears rejection greatly. As a result of having so many emotions and being so emotionally sensitive, Cancer has a great potential for love.


They fear that they will never meet someone who can manage what they have to offer, and they fear putting their hearts out there only to be rejected.

As the Leo presents this concept of a brave leader to the world, the Lion is concerned that it will be underestimated and underappreciated. 


Leos have a profound dread of being ignored, and this uncertainty may occasionally knock them off their feet.

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