What You Should Wear in May


Whether you're in love or dreaming about it, romance is in your head and wardrobe. On the 20th, Mars enters your pleasure zone.


Jupiter enters your sign on the 16th and stays there for the year, giving you plenty of chances to flourish even if your season finishes on the 21st.


Mercury leaves retrograde on the 14th and enters your private zone, so keep your life and style low-key until the 21st. Tease some outfits but wait until June to showcase your season.


When Venus enters your sign on May 7, you'll feel confident and ready to show off your new look. While the new moon is in your social zone on the 19th, fill your calendar with social events. 


Venus enters your private zone on the 7th, encouraging self-care. Give nothing now. On the 20th, Mars enters your sign, bringing your typical drama.


Mercury leaves retrograde and enters your growth zone, allowing you to explore and appear attractive. Traveling for business is ideal when the sun enters your professional zone on the 21st. 



You spend Venus enters your public image zone on May 7. Dressing well might help you get a promotion or new job. 


Mars enters your professional zone on the 20th, making it a good time to work on your public image and appearance.


Friends make everything better. Jupiter enters your productive zone on the 16th, so go out, make friends, and have fun. On the 21st, the sun enters your relationship, making it romantic.


Romance and spring flings are ideal now. Mars enters your intimate zone on the 20th, warming your clothing and deepening relationships. Capricorn, be daring.


 When the sun enters your pleasure zone, you'll want to have fun, making it a good time to attend big events and learn.


On the 7th, Venus enters your pleasure zone, Pisces. Before summer, dating, flirting, and relaxing are excellent. On the 16th, Jupiter enters your communication zone.

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