What your zodiac sign has in store this week


A value shift could change love and friendship. You'll be amazed by who helps and dismayed by who doesn't. This week covers interpersonal needs. Start packing if a love is hopeless.


This week is frantic and no one knows what everyone else is doing. This is true when power planets face powerful Taurean emotions. Requesting assistance is pointless. Do your best and lead.


Life is different for everyone. Don't assume others will react similarly to dramas. . . Little gems can dazzle the most.


Despite some celestial trickery, love gets a generous time window. So, a casual flirting could lead to more. . Hedonistic, not caution, is your word of the week.


Just when you were happy, a voice of discontent came. Venus is enraged this week, so keep your head down and avoid argument. Note emotional deadwood. 


Virgo, work quietly this week. Your soul creates your timetable. Ingenuity pays off, inspiration feeds. . You're one of the most artistic signs. Soon.


Your enthusiasm has been dampened by a slow cosmos. This week's opportunity to unleash dreams and skills is great. Your bank account should recover. 


Are some people like black holes? They'll gladly drag you into their personal disarray without considering the consequences. Avoid them. Friendly places exist. 


Work has become a war zone, and you're sick of petty politics. You're furious. This week suggests moderation. You shouldn't let others take advantage of you


Lucky with money, perhaps unlucky in love this week. Professional goals should proceed, but relationship issues may muddle personal contentment.


You want to start something new. Psychologically, you're more aware of your fury. Channeling this raw energy is key. Positive action releases pent-up emotions.


Maybe it's stubbornness. Someone seems to be misbehaving. Stay positive. You can overcome their petulance. That turns the tables.

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