Which Barbie doll are you based on your zodiac sign?

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ARIES : Athena Barbie

Being the ruler of the physical head, Aries is associated with the story that Athena sprang from her father Zeus's forehead, fully grown and ready for fight.

TAURUS : Emerald Embers Barbie

Robert Mackie, who memorably dressed top Taurus and herd gem Cher, created the lavish Emerald Embers Barbie doll.

GEMINI : Chic Style

The City Chic Style doll, which was released in 2K17 during Gemini season, has a remarkable likeness to Gemini twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Associated with the third house of communication and social interaction.

CANCER : Storm Barbie

On the other hand, Storm's resume boasts, "she confounds foes with her capacity to manipulate weather and the environment," and her hair color evokes the moon.

LEO : Andy Warhol Barbie

This concept is dear to the hearts of all lions, and it is embodied in the unique aesthetic of this special edition Barbie. 


VIRGO : Malibu Barbie

Virgo, an earth sign with variable qualities, is the ruler of the sixth house, which is associated with one's physical well-being and daily routines.

LIBRA : Anemone Barbie

Venus, the planet associated with Libra, seems like she stepped off the red carpet in the form of the Anemone doll.

SCORPIO : Cat Burglar Barbie

Scorpio season saw the arrival of Christian Louboutin's Cat Burglar Barbie, which he created. 

SAGITTARIUS : Tina Turner Barbie

In 2022, Barbie released an artistic ode to Tina Turner, a fellow Sagittarius and the undisputed Queen of Rock and Roll. 

CAPRICORN : Walker Barbie

Caps, who are ruled by the unforgiving planet Saturn, are resilient in the face of adversity because they are so focused on achieving their ultimate goal .

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AQUARIUS : Galaxy Barbie

Being the Zodiac's dreamer and leader, Aquarius is often linked with space travel, shiny metals, dramatic eye makeup, and a no-holds-barred approach to style. 

PISCES : Breathe With Me Barbie

The twelfth house is the natural realm of dharma and down dogs, and is ruled by Pisces, the sign of the unconscious mind and spirituality.

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