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Although those born under the sign of Aries can be impetuous, they are also brave and adventurous, which makes them desirable targets for hired crime.


Leos might be willing to commit a crime in order to become famous, but it's not probable that the crime will be violent because violence is not inherently a trait of Leos.


A study also revealed that Sagittarians are the second most likely sign to become serial killers, according to an article in The Sun.


Theft and fraud are the crimes that a Gemini is most prone to do. They are unlikely to engage in any violent behaviour, just like Leos.


But the criminal tendencies of a Libra are not limited to corruption; they are also thought to engage in drug-related crime more frequently than other signs.


Aquarians often love indulging in intellectually fascinating crimes like hacking, in addition to occasionally con artists.


Research indicates that very few, if any, serial killers were born in Cancer, despite the fact that Cancerians may not have a good track record when it comes to violence


Sadly, Scorpio shares a tendency with their fellow water sign Cancer to commit more violent crimes. A criminally inclined Scorpio might even have sadistic tendencies.


Research indicates that Pisces is one of the most probable signs to become a serial killer, with a violent streak to rival Sagittarius.


According to sources, a Taurus is more likely to act alone than as a member of a ring if they get involved in any kind of crime.


Virgo doesn't enjoy the spotlight and is hence unlikely to commit any high-profile crimes. Their area of expertise is burglary or cybercrime.


While caps are more prone than other signs to join organised crime, they often don't enjoy getting their hands dirty.


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