Which Star Signs Are the Nicest?

Scorpio is the meanest sign. Scorpions are fierce. Scorpios are devoted and protective, yet scorpions may sting when provoked.



Capricorns are second-most unkind. They are realistic, diligent, and goal-oriented, yet they focus on themselves rather than others.


Geminis fascinate. While flighty, they may be kind when they feel attached. Geminis are great listeners, sympathisers, and helpers.


Aries is ninth-kindest. These energetic go-getters may perform random acts of kindness. Aries are friendly yet impatient and disorganised.


Virgo ranks eighth. Kind, faithful Virgos. They are kind and meticulous. Virgos know that tiny things may make a great difference to someone in need.

Leos are seventh friendliest. These energetic and giving people will go over and above to make others feel valued.



Aquarius ranks sixth in kindness. Aquarians are unusual people who see the best in others and help them succeed. They also donate time, energy, and resources.


Sagittarius is the fifth-kindest zodiac sign. These kind-hearted people are continually seeking for ways to serve others and improve the world. They're optimists with contagious zeal.


Libras are undoubtedly one of the most compassionate and understanding signs in the zodiac. Not only do Libras have a natural ability to empathize with others.


Cancers are like the ocean—deep, mysterious, and compassionate! Cancers are great companions, confidants, and counsellors due to their intuition and people abilities.


Pisces is gentle. They're sensitive, kind, and insightful. They aid friends and neighbours without inquiry.

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