Who Changed Jenna Ortega's Mind Regarding "Wednesday"

NETFLIX GARNERED When Wednesday came out in late 2022, it was a huge hit, but the series almost had a totally different start.

 Jenna Ortega, who plays the title character on the show, told The Times that when she was first cast, she turned down the role of Wednesday.

Jenna said, "I got the email and told them." The 20-year-old actress was tired of working on TV shows and wanted to try something new.

She told the Times, "I've been on TV so many times in my life." "When I first started acting, nobody believed in me. 

I don't want to say that nobody believed in me, but nobody did. You have to show your worth, "she went on.


 Jenna talked about the change she had been through by saying, "I've only been able to try out for film roles in the last three or four years. 

I was afraid that joining another TV show would keep me from doing other jobs that I really wanted and cared about."

Tim Burton, the show's executive producer and director, was able to get Jenna to agree to the series even though she had turned it down at first.

She said, "The only reason I went back was because Tim is such a legend and we got along so well." "But even then, I said a couple more times, "Oh, no, I think I'm fine."

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