Why Each Zodiac Will Leave A Committed Relationship


When you stop evolving and believe that you are stagnating or holding one other back rather than advancing one another, you will end a committed relationship.


When your partner quits putting the relationship first and puts everything else before you, you'll end a committed relationship.


When you're not treated with the respect you deserve in public or in the quiet of your own home, you'll end a serious relationship.


A committed relationship ends when communication breaks down and you are left with no memory of the other person.


When you begin to feel unwanted, unattractive, and unlovable, you'll end a serious relationship since the right person would never treat you that way.


If you feel that your partner doesn't respect how hard you work or that your efforts have gone unrecognised, you'll end a committed relationship.


When your wants aren't being satisfied or even heard, and it seems like anything you desire would be inconvenient for the other person, you'll end a committed relationship.


When trust has been broken and you aren't sure if the other person still has your best interests at heart, you'll end a committed relationship.


When a committed relationship becomes too routine and your spouse shows little interest in working with you to try and improve it, you will end it.


When you stop spending quality time with your partner and feel unimportant in your own connection, you'll end a committed relationship.


When your future aspirations diverge and you realise that you have grown apart, you'll end a committed relationship.


When the other person doesn't take the commitment as seriously as you do and leaves you with all the effort, you'll end a committed relationship.

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