Why People Fall In Love With Each Zodiac At First Sight 


You are a pillar of strength and self-assurance because you know your worth and won't tolerate being treated unfairly.


You are who you are without apology or concern about what others may think of you. You prefer authenticity to pretence.


Because of your endearing personality and friendly nature, everyone is eager to strike up a conversation with you.


You are wide-eyed and curious, which shows that you care deeply about what other people have to say and are open to learning more.


You have confidence in your ideas and won't shy away from sharing them, so you don't feel the need to minimise who you are to fit in with others.


You are graceful and elegant, which makes you come across as sophisticated and intelligent, someone who is worth knowing.


You are courteous and kind to everyone within your vicinity and always have a sweet word to share, so your generosity is evident from the start.


You are always wearing a smile and showing kindness to others, even when they have nothing to offer you or are complete strangers. 


You come across as mysterious which makes others want to get to know you and uncover your layers.


You stand out from the crowd because of the way you dress and carry yourself; nobody else is like you.


You have such a dominant presence that no one in the room can help but notice your arrival.

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