Why Their Zodiac Sign Hides Their Real Emotions


It's uncomfortable for an Aries to show their emotions, thus they'll often suppress them. Their outward appearance has been carefully crafted to give the impression of power.


A Taurus will continue to argue with you even after they have forgotten the original cause of the conflict. It's more important to them to save face or prove a point.


 Gemini often represses their true emotions. Since they have a hard time saying no, they tend to take on more than they can reasonably manage.


If a Pisces is concerned that the rest of the world may think something is "out there," they are more likely to keep it to themselves. 


No matter how laid-back and easygoing Cancer may seem at first glance, they really have a rich past. Since everything they've been through has been so traumatic.


If they believe that others would gain from it, Aquarius will suppress their emotions. Its basic social graces training. They won't prioritise their own tastes above those of their loved ones.


Leo's need for social acceptance causes them to mask their genuine emotions. You can't be really forthright about who bothers you or drives you crazy when your social circle is so extensive.


Virgo is too shy to open out and beg for love, so they bury their emotions instead.They are experts at getting things done on their own,yet they get paralysed when it comes to seeking assistance.


Capricorn's dedication to their profession will cause them to put their emotions aside in order to succeed. Tough beans, buddy, if I'm weary, worn out, upset, disappointed.


 What they lack is excitement, but they have a regular sleep pattern, a nutritious food, and a routine that nourishes their mind, body, and spirit.


Since Scorpio is dedicated to concepts that don't necessarily make sense in the real world, they often bury their actual emotions.


The thought of moping over a problem they feel unable to solve makes them want to crack a joke instead. This isn't the healthiest way to think

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