Woman Goes Viral After Being Beaten

A lady who called another woman the N-word and played the victim card when questioned is trending on Twitter. 

at a weekend video released on social media, two ladies argue at a shop and abuse one other as they stroll down an aisle.

When the white lady, whom Twitter calls "Karen," calls the Black woman the N-word, all hell breaks loose. “Oooh, I’m about to beat her a**,” she exclaims as she follows her out of the shop. 

"Karen" didn't anticipate the lady to follow her as she sat next to a Black guy before having her hair pulled back.

After learning what "Karen" named the Black lady, the guy stops attempting to protect her and lets her fight her own struggle. "Karen" apologizes profusely before the tape ends.

We don't know how it ended, but we hope she'll think twice before disagreeing with people of color.


Since the video was aired, people have left all kinds of comments thanking the Black lady for protecting herself and making it clear that racism would not be accepted. 

“What’s the problem? She told her to bring it and she did. Why is she crying? She got what she wanted! "And she still needs another one," another commenter said.

“She called them the N-word with her whole chest....then casually went outside to cuddle with her black man in the same parking lot?

Scalp her! a fourth person remarked, plainly defending the Black lady.

America has made progress against racism. Racism still exists in America, affecting millions of Black people.

Racism and Karens continue to flourish in America. Black individuals are twice as likely to be slain by police and more likely to be followed in shops or ignored by salespeople.

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