Worst Drinks for Brain Health

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Sugar causes metabolic diseases including cardiovascular disease, stroke, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, and type 2 diabetes, which damage your brain.

Sugary Beverages

Milkshakes are a favourite treat, but the sugar and saturated fat are bad for your brain. Saturated fat, found in full-fat dairy, fatty meats, butter, oils, raises LDL-cholesterol.



Your favourite coffeehouse's speciality coffee beverages may include startling amounts of sugar and saturated fat.

Specialty Coffee Drinks

Unless you're an athlete, minimise your sports drink intake. Sports drinks damage the brain's grey matter.

Sports Drinks

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Recovery beverages, like sports drinks, are for serious athletes. Calorie-rich and simple carbohydrate-based, they're bad for brain function.

Recovery Drinks

Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, and other caffeinated energy drinks were created for extreme athletes, but their high sugar content makes them harmful to brain health.

Energy Drinks

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