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You Hot? 10 Habits Men Hate

Plastic Surgery

Most males think many women who had cosmetic surgery looked prettier before. Many ladies insist on doing this to seem youthful and lovely.

Not Communicating Feelings

Putting oneself out there to play hard to get or be straightforward might be challenging. However, overcoming fear will lead to greater success.

Cute fake voices

The false voice problem should disappear shortly. This is unattractive to males, but women adore it.

Poor Conduct

Most individuals need decent manners in partnerships. However, others claim terrible manners attract men. Not true. Any decent man.

Acting Dumb

Most individuals can have profound talks about a variety of issues. When you're clever yet play stupid to gain attention, it's an issue.

Wanting Online Attention

Most males dislike being recognized. Social media posting and selfies are warning flags.


Attractive Without Substance

“Basing your entire personality and life around your appearance. Treating oneself like a trophy is objectifying. Especially when you believe that's all you have.

Badmouthing Women

The lady may not know the person or have anything in common, but she needs to criticize others to feel better about herself.

Artificial Eyelashes

To stand out once it gets popular, you must keep boosting it. The eyelashes are now so enormous that ladies can hardly open their eyes.


Men also dislike eyebrow variation. Shape and trim them. Shaving them off and redrawing them with a pencil is different.

Improve Yourself

Are you trying to improve your life but uncertain where to start? It's easier than you think to improve yourself.

Enjoy What You Have

Success is easy to envy. Sometimes it outweighs our delight.

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