Your "Dark Zodiac" Sign's Mysteries

The Tyrant

Life's achievements are never enough. This might lead to an unfulfilling pursuit of the next greatest thing while others suffer. 

The Fallen Demon

Life has good and evil. You only remember the bad. You are very critical of yourself and others, which hurts fresh chapters and prospects. 

The Basilisk

Petty and vengeful behavior might injure you. Understand when rage is essential vs stepping away to balance your shadow.

The Serpent 

Despite your sweetness, you are a master manipulator, particularly of emotions. You use people to obtain what you want and then discard them. 


The War Maiden

You live a lie to manipulate and deceive people. This is done out of insecurity to reach your goals. Let your defenses down and be yourself to realize you never had to fake.

The Maelstrom

You're faithful, but if you're injured, cheated on, or deceived, you're dangerous. When provoked, manipulation, wrath, and violence may soothe your heart.

The Ravenous

Your self-criticism and inability to recognize the good in yourself are regrettable. Instead of talking about it, always turning the blade inward.

The Poisoned Dart

Instead of attempting to outwit people or use your analytical talents for evil, strive to behave in the best interest of everyone & watch your sharp tongue, which might injure others.


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The Tempest

You prefer avoidance and merely seek pleasure, not realizing that meaningful relationships need effort. Stop before rushing away to avoid losing what you desire.

The Leviathan

Your poker face hides everything. But, you pretend to agree until you become the Trojan Horse that brings everyone down.

The Beast

But, you take this on until it becomes too much and you snap at individuals you merely intended to care about. 

The Sword

You refuse to lose and use yourself as a weapon against those who stand in your path. Your unpredictability and words may inflict lifelong hurts.

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