Your Mom's Zodiac Sign And Its Long-Term Effects

Aries mom

You will instill in your daughter a strong work ethic and the confidence to tackle any challenge head-on. You mean well, but you might be a little too direct at times.

Taurus mom

You'll do all in your power to raise accepting and loving children. It may not be nice if the Taurus mother's stubbornness comes into play when her daughter hits puberty.

Gemini mom

The Gemini mother, along with the Leo, Aries, and Virgo mothers, is one of the "barren" signs in astrology because they are less fertile. 

Cancer mom

Together with Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces, Cancer is known as the most "fruitful" zodiac sign because of its members' propensity to have families.

Leo mom

If your mother was a Leo, you probably felt that you had a best friend in her and that she could relate to you and your peers on your own terms. Maybe she was also arrogant.

Virgo mom

Although your Virgo mother's critical nature may have caused some tension in your upbringing, be assured that she always had your best interests at heart.

Libra mom

While raising children, Libra will take a relaxed, imaginative, and flexible attitude. The house will be lovely, the children will be cheerful.

Scorpio mom

As a mother, Scorpio's strong capacity for loving her children and other family members unconditionally will serve her well. The Scorpio mom will do everything it necessary to make sure her kids are well-rounded adults.

Sagittarius mom

A Sagittarius mother would look at raising her children as the greatest adventure of her life and do all in her power to instill in them a positive outlook on life.

Capricorn mom

Cappy was destined for motherhood because, like all Cancers, she craves the safety and stability that only a loving house and family can provide.

Aquarius mom

The Aquarian mother will be the most hip of all. Her home will be a place of joy, freedom, and possibly diverse tastes, and her children will grow up with a wealth of stories.

Pisces mom

If your mother was a Pisces, you could always count on her unconditional love and encouragement. But, if you have few or no water planets, her mood swings might be unpleasant.



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