Your Secret Romantic Desire, Based On Birth Month

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You are known for being the brave one in relationships and for going after what you want. So, you desire someone would do the same for you. 


You desire a relationship that sweeps you off your feet. Honestly, the concept of your lover demanding that you surrender full authority to them is kind of seductive.


You long for someone who can take you up and toss you about. But you know, in a seductive manner.


You may find it difficult to express how much you appreciate the ease with which they express their emotions, but they will likely understand without your help.


May is when companionship is at its peak. Your desire to fall in love with your best friend is no secret.


You find yourself in unbalanced relationships in which your efforts to make your spouse feel unique are not reciprocated. 


You're weary of always getting injured and spend more time than you really should considering your terrible ex-partners.


You need someone who will let you organise everything but will also have an opinion when you ask them where they would like to go for dinner.


You seek someone who will treat you as if you were a delicate blossom. They can grasp your heart in their palms without causing any damage. 


You would meet at a bookshop when you both reach for the same book and accidentally bump hands.


Everyone you date falls short of expectations. They are not intelligent enough to match your sass; they lack the wit to compete with you. 


You wish you could devote more effort to finding someone. You dislike it when things are too simple.


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