Your Worst Habit, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You are not simply set in your ways, you are fixed in them. Even if you could give a mile, you will not give an inch. 


Your lack of motivation is the worst aspect of your personality, which is a very sweet and too generous way of saying "lazy." 


Your tendency for gossip is the most unseemly aspect of your character. And yet, you dislike it when others gossip about you, which makes you rather hypocritical. 


Anxiety is the worst aspect of your personality and the greatest barrier between you and a happy existence. 


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Your tendency to act rashly is your greatest flaw. This may make you interesting and entertaining to be around. 


Everyone worries about changing the world, but nobody thinks about changing themselves.


This has caused you to miss out on numerous excellent possibilities in life.


If you were more confident, you wouldn't be so envious. Like with other negative personality qualities, there is an underlying cause for this. 


Your worst quality is your pride. You not only believe you are superior to the majority of others, but you also make this plain to them. 


You don't want to be perceived as a fake, yet you end up being perceived as a jerk. 


Although Aquarius is regarded as the water-bearer, you should more accurately be referred to as the grudge-bearer. 


You are a highly sensitive individual who takes the entire cosmos far too personally. 


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