Your Zodiac favourite Ice Cream.


Aries hates boring ice cream. Pear with Blue Cheese, Mango Pickle, and Black Sesame ice cream shops are their favourites.


When Taurus has ice cream, it's not going to be the cheap stuff — it's gourmet all the way. We're talking gelato, in rich flavors, usually something deeply flavorful .


Ice cream cheers up Pisces. They will love innovative tastes and attractive hues of ice cream.


Avoid places with several options for Geminis. Gemini hates choosing between several tastes on a page.


Cancers have a hard shell and soft serve, like their favourite ice cream. Cancers keep a variety of ice cream flavours in their freezer for spontaneous dinner parties.


Leos like ice cream fully. They enjoy ice cream at home, but if they're celebrating a birthday, they want the waiters to sing to them.


Virgos prefer tangy frozen yoghurt since it's low in fat and calories. Virgos appreciate starting with a neutral basis and choosing their ingredients.


Libras love gelato, coconut milk, cashew milk, and tofu-based frozen treats. Ice cream delivery systems too. Libras like waffle cones, sundae cookie-cups, and cups.


Aquarians prefer unusual flavours like pear and blackberry sorbet or cherry and root beer ice cream (strangely good). 


Scorpios prefer ice cream with a loved one. They love sundae dates. Scorpios like robust, memorable tastes.


Sagittarius like to explore different ice cream flavours and travel. Once concentrated, Sagittarius will search for the world's greatest ice cream


Capricorns prefer sweet, creamy, and cold ice cream. They prefer vanilla soft serve with sprinkles over rosewater ice cream, although they could try something new .

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