Your Zodiac Sign Predicts Your Marriage Age

Aries — Early Twenties

Aries' impulsivity and fearlessness spark a strong urge that is hard to extinguish with logic and reason.

Taurus — Early Thirties

Taureans seek security and stability, yet their lofty goals sometimes limit them. These attributes can conflict.

Gemini — Mid-Twenties

Geminis are known for their excitement and restlessness, but they can also be indecisive when it comes to finding a spouse.

Cancer—Early Thirties

Cancers have steadfast loyalty. They are sympathetic and help their loved ones, which can cause emotional distress.

Leo — Early Twenties

Leos possess enormous hearts and their primary motivations are centered around a yearning for affection and a thrilling thirst for excitement and adventure. 

Virgo — Late Thirties

Those born under the sign of Virgo are hard workers who put their minds to good use rather than letting their emotions get in the way. 

Libra — Early to Mid-Twenties

Their love for love is evident as they find beauty in unexpected places and value comfort and harmony over adventure and excitement.

Scorpio — Late Forties 

Scorpios are passionate and forceful, but they doubt true love. It will take a special person to break through their defences because they prefer facts to feelings.

Sagittarius — Mid-Thirties

Sagittarians like to be alone till they're older. Though they employ humour and empathy to defuse tension, they have high expectations of their partners.

Pisces — Late Twenties

Pisces are recognised for their extreme empathy, trust, and tendency to escape reality. Their perceptive abilities constantly ground them despite this propensity.

Aquarius — Early to Mid-Thirties

To find a partner who shares their zest for life and sense of adventure, many Aquarians choose to remain alone. They're always looking for new things.

Capricorn — Early Forties

Capricorns' tolerance, self-control, and empathy set them different. Goal-oriented and self-aware, they achieve great achievement in life.

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