Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Workout

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Aries : Boxing

"These alternatives are fantastic for Aries because they enable you to process and channel some of your passion or even hostility in a healthy manner," Stewart explains.

Taurus: Pilates

"This training choice enables you to feel anchored in your body while also expressing your natural elegance," Stewart explains. What's better?

Gemini: Aerobics

Choose a fast-paced step class, a Zumba exercise with upbeat music, or any other rhythm-based aerobics class that would appeal to your light disposition. 

Cancer : Elliptical

Look no farther than the row of elliptical machines when you go to the gym, Cancer. "The smooth, flowing movements of elliptical walking or running are ideal for you," .

Leo : Spin Class

As a fiery Leo, you'll like any kind of aerobic activity. "Since Leo regulates the heart, having your heart pounding and circulation moving will feel very energizing for you,".


Virgo : Vinyasa Yoga

 According to Stewart, this classic type of yoga is ideal for calming a racing mind so you can take a deep breath and return to your body. 

Libra : Roller Skating

When it comes to working out, Libra, you're constantly looking for enjoyable music and an inspirational environment - or else you won't bother.

Scorpio : Rock Climbing

Kovach, so choose a difficult exercise that makes you feel powerful and independent. Rock climbing is an excellent bet, particularly because it is a little dangerous.

Sagittarius : Outdoor Run

Being an adventurous, fiery Sagittarius, nothing beats a fast-paced lifestyle. Stewart suggests going for a run in nature to feed the incessant cry of the wild in your thoughts. 

Capricorn : Qigong

"This steady, grounded exercise can help you feel connected to your body and the land while also allowing you to calm down and not be in such a rush," Stewart explains.

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Aquarius : Virtual Reality 

"Since you're an airy Aquarius, technology is your greatest friend, so it makes sense to include the newest tech into your fitness regimen as well," Stewart explains.

Pisces : Swimming

Although you aren't usually the most enthusiastic about working out, Pisces, Kovach believes you could be encouraged if a pool is involved. "Those born under this sign may find water aerobics appealing," she explains.

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