Aries  : Married At First Sight

 In a situation like Married at First Sight, acting on instinct might end up helping you. You wouldn't be in charge at first, but after eight weeks of marriage to the person experts.

Taurus : The Courtship

Ballroom dance, elaborate costumes, and a Cinderella-style carriage ride are just some of the Venusian touches in this play that appeal to your need for a conventional relationship.

Gemini : FBoy Island

Each man reveals halfway through the season whether he is on the program to find love and the $100,000 grand prize or merely to rake in the cash reward. 

Cancer : The One That Got Away

Use your compassion for good, Cancer. On The One That Got Away, you may use a machine called The Portal to get in touch with a lost loved one from your past.

Leo : The Bachelorette

 In The Bachelorette, the lead character dates a total of 25 potential suitors, all of whom are hoping to get a rose from her at the end of the season.

Virgo : The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On

Virgo, reasoning is what drives you. Your desire to settle down and have a family would be front and center on The Ultimate Choice: Marry or Move On. 

Libra : Love Island

For you, Libra, this is the perfect kind of entertainment. You won't last long on Love Island if you can't find a partner to commit to, but this isn't a problem for you at all. 

Scorpio : Too Hot To Handle

 It would be entertaining to (attempt to) adhere to the rules set by the virtual assistant Lana, particularly given the high stakes involved if they were broken.

Sagittarius : Temptation Island

Sagittarius, you may find excitement in the world. You and your SO would be put to the test on Temptation Island by being separated into homes full of gorgeous individuals.

Capricorn : Single’s Inferno

Capricorn, there is no dilemma you cannot overcome. A visit to Single's Inferno would be sufficient proof. The program follows a group of twelve eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

Aquarius : Cosmic Love

Aquarius, are an ideal match for Cosmic Love because you have an insatiable appetite for the fantastic. You and a potential romantic partner are matched according to your astrological signs.

Pisces : Love Is Blind

If you're a Pisces who wants to discover true love, Love Is Blind is the program for you. You may get to know a prospective partner on LIB before ever meeting them in person.



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