Zodiac-compatible Dog Breeds


Workaholic dogs thrive at agility. You're both energetic and can finish any work swiftly. A dog that can keep up with lively Aries is an excellent fit.


Tauruses appreciate beauty, and Afghan Dogs are stunning. Like you, these gorgeous dogs are devoted, and their aloofness suits Taurus, who requires time to trust new people.


Labrador Retrievers suit Geminis. Labs bond with their entire family, which is crucial to you. . You're adaptable, curious, and entertaining.


Cancer is loyal, and Rottweilers are terrific family guardians. Rotties are calm, attentive, and confident at home. Like you, Rotties love their loved ones.


Like Leos, Pugs are happy and humorous. The Toy Group's biggest clowns are as irresistible as Leo. Your life-loving pugs do too.


The dashing Briard with his quicksilver pace might be the right match for Virgo, who adores beauty. The astute, problem-solving Virgo should like Briards, a herding breed.


Saint Bernards, designed hundreds of years ago to rescue stranded travellers, are perfect for altruistic Pisces. Loyal and committed. Pisces are kind.


Pomeranians, like Libras, crave camaraderie. Both Libra and Pom are loyal and gregarious. Libra's intelligence and sharp thinking make the Pom easy to teach.


Like you, Bergamascos are born problem-solvers who crave cerebral stimulation. Even if it takes time, you're both loving and connected to friends and family.


Scorpios make a statement everywhere, thus a Great Pyrenees may suit them. These gorgeous dogs were developed to prevent wolves and share your commitment to family.


The Beagle, like Sagittarius, loves to follow his nose. The joyful, curious Beagle shares your exuberant nature and sense of humour.


Pekingese may suit traditional Capricorns. The ancient Chinese rulers used these little toys in 800 A.D. The Peke's loyalty will appeal to Capricorns, who are independent.

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