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Zodiac Placements Most 

Neptune is the planet of creativity, spirituality, and illusion, delusion, and confusion. These transits can make you overvalue others 

1. Moon opposite, square, or conjunct Neptune

Moon opposite, square, or conjunct Another anxiety-causing factor is Uranus. Uranus, the planet of shock and upheaval, with the Moon cause mood swings and worry.

2. Uranus-Moon hard aspect

This transit can cause despair and anxiety. Saturn symbolises worry and fear related to uncertainty.

3. The Moon in hard aspect to Saturn

This natal component typically causes dread, self-doubt, and misinterpretations of others' behaviour, especially in males,

4. The Sun in hard aspect to Neptune

and is generally linked to a father who was absent or didn't provide what they needed.

This can lead to a restless, erratic demeanour. These people can change quickly and often had father-related trauma.

5. The Sun in hard aspect to Uranus

Mercury-Mars hard pairings are the best sign of Mercury worry.

6. Mercury in hard aspect to Mars

Mercury regulates the intellect and Mars is connected with fury and aggression, so this aspect can cause mental confusion.

Mercury in Pisces makes tough angles to Neptune. This can cause abnormal fear, worry, and confusion.

7. Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune

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