Zodiac sign-appropriate feline breeds

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Aries – Bengal cat

Bengal cats suit Arians' busy lifestyles due to their low upkeep requirements. They bond over the first sign's energy and desire.

Taurus – Russian Blue cat

Russian Blue Cats, which are aristocratic descendants of the Russian Czars and extremely picky about food and comfort, make great Taurean pets.

Gemini – Siamese cat

These people known for their openness, intelligence, and curiosity. It is common knowledge that Siamese cats are exceptionally talkative and affectionate companions. 


Cancer – Sphynx cat

Sphynxes require gentle handling and a warm home. Like the sensitive Cancer, these felines enjoy a good soak in the tub and some loving pats every once in a while.

Leo – Maine Coon cat

Leos, being big-hearted and needing plenty of attention, are great companions for Maine Coon cats. They have a beautiful mane and personality traits that complement Leo's quite nicely.

Virgo – Persian cat

The high-maintenance but attractive Persian cat is a good match for the meticulous Virgo. The Persian cat is shy, secretive, and often demanding.

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Libra – Abyssinian cat

They have a deep need for their owners' company, making them an ideal pet for a Libra. The Scotch Fold and the Siamese cat are also great choices for Libras.

Scorpio – Bombay cat

Scorpios are ruled by Pluto and are known for their depth, mystery, and inquisitive nature. Although they have a reputation for being vindictive like bombay cat.

Sagittarius – American Shorthair cat

The couple is adventurous, fearless, and full of hope. The pedigreed American Shorthair tabby cat is the ideal companion for a Sagittarius because they have many of the same characteristics.

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Capricorn – Serval cat

The intense individualism and confidence of the Serval breed would make it ideal for them. Capricorns, like Serval cats, are territorial.

Aquarius – Cornish Rex cat

Cornish Rex is a slim, vivacious, and entertaining companion. They have a laid-back demeanour and like talking to one another.

Pisces – Birman cat

Pisces, the final zodiac sign, is compassionate, wise, and spiritual. They're loyal like Birmans, making them the perfect cat for Capricorns.

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