Zodiac Sign Compatibility in Perfume

Although Neptune, the planet of dream, may have some claim to perfume because to the misty-magic it imparts, Venus, the planet of seduction and beauty.

Taurus, governed by Venus, is a sensuous earth sign that shares a passion for retail therapy with Libra, another Venus-ruled sign.

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, rules Taurus and Libra respectively, and her fragrances, earthy Taurus and airy Libra, are likely to be sensual and unique.

Sensual Venus evokes a muskier base note that lends depth and longevity to the sweeter top notes of figs and peaches, as well as flowery top notes of rose and violet.

Velvety, silky perfumes have a luxurious quality that is quite Venusian. Cashmeran, a costly and widely used synthetic musk, has a "soft, warm blanket" aroma, according to Zappas.

The moon, like Venus, is associated with all things mystical and romantic. The Moon is the Astrological Ruler of the Mind, Soul, and Emotional Security.

Cancer, a water sign known for its emotional range, is also ruled by the moon, making it a suitable match for complex fragrances that capture the moon's various facets.

Calone, a synthetic with oceanic notes that are "salty, ozonic, almost fishy, and a little metallic," is often used in aquatic or marine fragrances. 

 The aromas here complement Cancer's laid-back style. According to Zappas, mushrooms are a wonderful match for Cancer since the moon rules them.

"Mushroom notes are employed frequently in constructing white flowery perfumes such as gardenia...They augment the floralcy with a feeling of velvety, musty earthiness." 



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