Zodiac Sign Ice Cream Recommendations


Peppermint ice cream is perfect for trendsetting Aries. Peppermint ice cream, albeit rarer than mint chocolate chip, is sweet. 

Taurus—Green Tea

Taurus ice cream is earthy, like Taurus. What's better than tea-leaf ice cream for nature-lovers? Tauruses will also seek this rare ice cream. Playtime.

Gemini—Chocolate Sundae

Sundaes satisfy the wild desires of dynamic Geminis. Every mouthful will satisfy them, although they'll undoubtedly take stops to share stories.

Cancer—Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Cancers love comfort, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is classic. Cancers remember their parents' cookies from the chocolate chip cookie dough .

Leo—Karamel Sutra Core

Leos are strong and love robust tastes. Ben & Jerry's Core ice creams, especially Karamel Sutra Core, are fantastic here.


Mango ice cream, homemade or bought, is calming and refreshing. Mango ice cream tastes sweet and light, perfect for sensitive Virgos.


Libras like modest pleasures. They need familiarity yet consume it for pleasure. Chocolate ice cream indulges their desire.

Aquarius—Bacon Chocolate

Aquariuses are unique, yet they aspire to be different. Chocolate bacon ice cream is perfect. Bacon ice cream? Yes, please. Aquariuses also make bacon candy.


Scorpios love fried ice cream because its crispy shell hides a soft, delicious interior. Scorpios have buried feelings like fried ice cream.


Sagittarius may perk up with a big scoop of coffee ice cream. Sagittarius craves coffee's bittersweet taste. The coffee taste in this caffeine-free ice cream.


Pisces appreciates knowing that everything they eat will be tasty. Two fish split in opposing directions, like chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Capricorn—Vanilla Sprinkles

Capricorns like simple, pleasant times. Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles delights Capricorns. Sprinkles spice up the mundane.

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