Zodiac sign interior design style


Eloise advises Aries to avoid permanent house fixtures because 'they take inspired action thus if the atmosphere is perfect, they prefer to remodel on a whim'. 


Tauruses love romantic, comfortable, and luxurious homes with pleasant noises and scents. Taurus needs to be pampered to be happy.


Geminis, like the celestial twins, are open-minded and eager to try new things, thus they don't have a distinctive style for their residences.


Cancers are intelligent and sensitive to their surroundings, so every aspect in their house will be studied. But, don't anticipate an open invitation


Leos enjoy elaborate dinner parties and private social events. These heavenly magpies want glitzy, extravagant homes.


Virgos are perfectionists who need their houses organised and rational. As Eloise says, Virgo homes are pleasing to look at but not extremely comfy.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, these aesthetes will surround themselves with carefully selected objects that reflect their well-developed tastes.


Scorpios prefer mid-century gothic and industrial style with romantic colours like emerald green, burgundy, and plum to reflect their dark side. 


A Sagittarius is eternally interested and continually wandering therefore is likely to switch things up periodically.


Saturn rules time and constraints, thus Capricorns are workaholics. Capricorns have the greatest home offices, with usable desks, beautiful storage


Aquarians, symbolised by the water carrier, are the most humanitarian sign. With inspirational artwork and unusual items from independent designers.


 Eloise adds Pisces will have luxurious cushions, fuzzy blankets, and mood lighting to enter their ideal world. Pisceans favour earthy colours like peach and delicate pinks.

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