Zodiac Sign: Reconciliation After a Dispute

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ARIES: Apologize.

An Aries can't avoid it. Until you apologise to an Aries, the argument isn't finished. The longer you've known them, the more you'll know what sparked them

Taurus: Call out the fight's stupidity.

You'll forget what sparked it all when you fight the bull. If you're humble enough to say it, a Taurus will admit to amnesia. 

GEMINI: Remind them you care.

Even when they're driving you crazy, a Gemini wants to know you love them. You can say that directly.

CANCER: Strategy for improvement.

They'll accept your apologies, but they'd rather you figure out how to communicate better next time. They want to know how you fight and how you handle tough topics.


LEO: Prove you’re worthy to their friends.

A Leo will forgive you because they dislike fighting, but you'll have to win back their allies to finish the fight. 

VIRGO: Action and apology.

You'll need to go further to prove your sincerity because they know how easy it is to stitch together a sentence to smooth things over and get out of the dog house.

Libra: Spend time now.

They want something simple to boost your mood. They'll trust your abilities to resolve disagreement when you're both the problem and the solution.

SCORPIO: Let them cool off.

Scorpios require privacy. Before the disagreement solidifies, they need to be left alone. Give folks who want to talk space to ponder and digest both sides of the debate.

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SAGITTARIUS: Communicate.

 Listen to them, but also state your concerns. As stubborn as they are, they can accept that different opinions exist. You can calm them by repeating what they say.

CAPRICORN: Commit to a compromise.

In romance, everyone is an equal shareholder. As "market needs" change, they'll be ready to pivot since they value give-and-take relationships.

AQUARIUS: Compliment their argument.

Even though you disagree, an Aquarius may be willing to agree to disagree if you can compliment one part of their viewpoint.

PISCES: Give them some TLC.

Just baby Pisces. They're sensitive and dislike conflict. You need a balm after a battle. Affectionately speak to them and let them relax at home.

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