Zodiac Sign: What to Watch on Netflix

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Aries | Action & Adventure

You enjoy films with drama, adventure, or suspense and want to be completely absorbed. As you live life to the fullest, you love high-drama action thrillers. 

Taurus | Cooking & Baking Shows

Taureans appreciate food for its taste, beauty, and pleasure. If you want something more intense, there are lots of competitive culinary programmes.

Gemini: Period Dramas

As the zodiac's social butterfly, gossip is your favourite. What's better than knowing all the drama you're not in? Period dramas on Netflix provide lavish parties, caustic comments


Cancer | Romantic Comedy

You like stories with highs and lows, tears, and laughter. A night in with romantic comedies is ideal. Cancers also like Nicholas Sparks-style love tales.

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Leo: Reality TV

Star power and superb entertainment are needed to keep you watching a movie or TV programme. Netflix's current reality TV cycle includes lots of drama, comebacks

Virgo | Mystery Thrillers

You like mental games and twists. Solving the case before the detective on film is your favourite thing. Yet, if the narrative is boring, it's hard to concentrate.

Libra | Independent Movies

As a defender of the underdog, you like indie artists and unheralded creatives. Independent films get attention for this reason. 


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Scorpio | Horror Films

You like psychological thrillers. You like horror flicks and jump scares. Netflix provides plenty of terrifying movies, from classic slashers to current hauntings.

Sagittarius: Cult Classics

You don't have time to binge watch new Netflix material between touring the globe and picking up a dozen new hobbies, so you watch cult classics instead.

Capricorn | Documentaries

Documentaries, biopics, and true-story films are your favourites. Although fiction is fine, documentaries give a unique insight into another universe.

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Aquarius | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

You're unconventional and love new experiences. It's hard to know what inspires you. With your bold and open-minded temperament, sci-fi and fantasy films probably suit you best. 

Pisces | Tearjerkers

You adore escapism and empathy. You adore getting immersed in a performance or movie and feeling all the emotions. Indulge your sensitive side at home with tearjerker movies.

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