Zodiac Signs and the Ideal Nail Polish Color

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Cancer: Shimmering Berry

This very reflective cherry shade, for example, conjures up images of cranberry relish, cable knits, and a warm fire.

Aries: Holographic Blue

You, Aries, are a free spirit who relishes in the thrill of trying out new things, and this includes your beauty routine. 

Pisces: Fiery Coral

This shimmering coral colour, for example, will serve as a constant reminder to let loose and have fun.

Gemini: Smooth Blue

 This calming turquoise hue is timeless yet not dull, and it works well with a wide range of complexions.

Taurus: Baby Pink

Taurus, when you've found something you really care about, you tend to stick with it to the end. You can't go wrong with an Essie polish.

Capricorn: Dusty Mauve

 It's not overly daring or over-the-top, but it still conveys an air of authority, which is generally your style.

Libra: Glossy Noir

A Louboutin nail polish is calling your name since you have a penchant for splurging on luxurious items and like the brand's exquisite packaging.

Aquarius: Sparkling Lavender

 You're sure to stand out from the crowd when you put on this glitter-infused, iridescent purple tint.

Leo: Electric Orange

You, dear old Leo, look fantastic in bright, energetic hues like this stunning neon orange. 

Sagittarius: Creamy Greige

This neutral greige shade will complement all of your clothing and provide a nice boost to your otherwise bare nails.

Scorpio: Navy

You'll adore this dark navy color since it's a welcome change from the standard "mysterious" black.

Virgo: Standout Scarlet

If you're a perfectionist like me, Virgo, you'll love this pure red. Having Tom Ford's name attached certainly helps.



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