Zodiac Signs and Their Netflix Character

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Aries: You’re Ellie Alvarez

A true fire sign, the youthful and vivacious Ellie Alvarez commands attention wherever she goes. Ellie, being an Aries, has no trouble saying what she means.

Taurus: You’re Sherry Conrad

This "Momfluencer" effectively rules the town of Madre Linda, Sherry, which could only be governed by the faithful and materialistic Venus.

Gemini: You’re Lady Phoebe

From the time we meet Lady Phoebe, she exudes the vivacious, effervescent energy of a Gemini. Although being a wealthy socialite who enjoys the limelight.

Cancer: You’re Forty Quinn

Forty is a true Cancer because of his or her high levels of sensitivity, originality, and altruism. While he is somewhat naive and a "mama's boy,".

Leo: You’re Peach Salinger

Only a Leo would celebrate the anniversary of their parents' split with an annual party. Peach, a flamboyant fire sign, is used to having everything revolve around them.


Virgo: You’re Marienne Bellamy

Without a doubt, Marienne is one of the show's brightest and most perceptive characters. Her Virgo vibe was obvious the instant we caught sight of her scowling at the library she was working at in Madre Linda.

Libra: You’re Candace Stone

Whenever Candace Stone thinks about anything, it's always justice. The balances of justice, fairness, and harmony are all symbolically represented by the sign of Libra. 

Scorpio: You’re Joe Goldberg

Joseph Goldberg embodies every admirable trait a Scorpio may have (and definitely all of the negatives). One the one hand, he is a very complex thinker who is passionate, perceptive, romantic, and dedicated to his craft.

Sagittarius: You’re Guinevere Beck

Writer-in-training Guinevere Beck is also a hopeless romantic and a bit of a wild child. I think it's safe to say we can all agree that she's a true blue Sag!

Capricorn: You’re Kate Galvin

Kate may be ashamed of her father's immense fortune, but she exudes the confidence and self-assurance of a woman who knows how to achieve what she wants.

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Aquarius: You’re Rhys Montrose

Only a native of the Water Bearer sign could socialize with the cream of London's elite while secretly plotting their doom.

Pisces: You’re Love Quinn

This Pisces personifies her name, Love, to a tee. She fell in love with Joe at first sight, and what Pisces doesn't know the meaning of "love at first sight"?

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