Your Zodiac Sign's Companion Veggie Here

Aquarius | Celery

If you're a water sign and you suddenly get a hankering for (controversial) celery juice, don't be alarmed. There has a 95% water content.

Zucchini | Pisces

Much like you, zucchini is a mellow vegetable that takes on the characteristics of its environment easily. Like you, it will turn into mush if ignored for too long.

Aries | Habanero Pepper

I hope you have the courage to face the obstacles in your path, like eating a super-spicy pepper and wanting more.

Taurus | Sweet Potato

These roots are homey, wholesome, soul-satisfying, and wonderful. The french fry variety is the best for you.

Gemini | Brussels Sprouts

You have several facets that make you complex and mysterious. I like it roasted.

Cancer | Creamed Corn

Is it true that you've been called a mush by those closest to you? That you become an emotional wreck at the mere suggestion of a fork? 

Leo | Watermelon

When this miracle vegetable finally makes its debut on the supermarket shelves, everyone's attention will be focused on it. Just like you, it's one of a kind.

Virgo | Cauliflower

You've convinced yourself that every dish you've made using cauliflower as a replacement tastes just like the original. This cauliflower cupcake tastes like a dream!

Libra | Kale

Breakfast of green smoothies and supper of pizza, anyone? Having a good equilibrium in life is essential, right?

Scorpio | Eggplant

The eggplant is the most misunderstood vegetable in the world. It's alright; we recognize you in your highest and best form. Parmesan-ified.

Sagittarius | Rhubarb

When rhubarb is in season (much like you! ), everyone wants a piece of the pie. (And no, it's not a fruit; it's a vegetable.)

Capricorn | Artichoke

Preparing an artichoke may seem like a lot of labor, but it's well worth it in the end.



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