Zodiac Sign's Ideal Partner Personality

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Aries finds thrill-seeking attractive.

Aries if a relationship based on staying in and binge-watching Netflix every weekend seems appealing to you.

Taurus finds self-sufficiency attractive.

Don't take anything for granted if you're dating a Taurus; they're very selective.

Gemini finds uniqueness attractive.

The charming and flirtatious Geminis have a wide fan base. Have something noticeable at the ready. 

Cancer finds a sense of humor attractive.

Diseases like cancer are quite funny. They're only entertaining if you understand their jokes. 

Leo finds ambition attractive.

No matter how fantastic of a partner you are, you will never be able to compete with a Leo's ambitions.

Virgo finds intelligence attractive.

The most interesting thing about Virgo is how well-read and sophisticated they are. 

Libra finds communication attractive.

They need a companion in dating who can both offer them harsh love and comfort them when they need it.

Scorpio finds adventurousness attractive.

 They like lavish meals together and romantic outings to scenic locations.

Sagittarius finds agreeableness attractive.

The Sagittarius in your life doesn't need total agreement in order to feel comfortable talking to you.

Capricorn finds intuition attractive.

Capricorn's love for you will be profound, although they may struggle to show it. 

Aquarius finds self-confidence attractive.

 They have all the qualities of an ideal partner—beauty, self-assurance, intelligence, and reliability. 

Pisces finds spontaneity attractive.

Pisces' capacity to shake things up and keep the relationship fresh is a major perk of being in a relationship with one.



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