Zodiac Snack: The Type of Snack Each Zodiac Sign Is

Aries—Potato Chips

Aries are fiery and passionate, yet their loyalty is often overlooked. Potato chips are the quintessential American road trip or sports game snack.

Taurus—Cracker Sandwiches

This sign enjoys treating oneself. Like Taurus, I love cheesy cracker sandwiches.

Gemini—Sour Patch Kids

As sour patch kids fans know, there's nothing wrong with combining flavours. Geminis' personalities are very versatile.


Simple. Cancers are sweet, soothing, and emotional, like a beloved muffin. Therefore, their ideal zodiac snack.

Leo—Sunflower Seeds

Summer-born Leos are charismatic. This sign reminds me of summer beach days and road trips, where sunflower seeds are the perfect snack. Like Leo, they're addictive.


Pretzels are an example of yet another classic snack. They are satisfying, dependable, and the perfect amount of salty.

Libra—Trail Mix

Trail mix is busy. Trail mix is a go-to snack for almost any situation. Such a snack suits Libra, the level-headed sign. This sign is uncertain like trail mix.

Scorpio—Hot Cheetos

Scorpios' intense personalities aren't for everyone. Like this spicy snack, people who try them will want more.


Aquarius is a flexible, free-spirited air sign. Aquarius, like popcorn, is adaptable and infinite.

Sagittarius: Rice Krispies Treat

Sagittarius are party animals at their finest. Rice Krispies Treats and Sags are sugary and messy.

Pisces—Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks are soft, sweet, colorful, and, because of their association with childhood, innocent and nostalgic. 


Practical, grounded, and hardworking, this sign. Goldfish has been satisfying our snacking requirements for years. Hats, thanks goldfish.


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