Zodiac-Specific Spaghetti

Aries, you're confident and leave an impression. You're outspoken and don't sugarcoat your ideas. Hence, people either like you or keep away.

Aries: Penne Alla Vodka

Taurus, the sign of daily luxury, prefers the classics. You like to stick to your job or romantic route. Cavatappi can handle your favorite bold tastes.

Taurus: Cavatappi

Gemini, you're restless. Your mind never stops, either due to your busy social life or your constant pursuit of new hobbies.

Gemini: Baked Feta Pasta

You're nostalgic and adore home cooking. You love people and serve them . You probably host birthday parties and graduations.

Cancer: Lasagna

Leo, your extroverted nature makes you seem like a diva, but you're not. Behind that swagger and charm comes a laid-back softie. 

Leo: Puttanesca.

You're realistic and detail-oriented, Virgo. The finest pasta recipe for you will be simple, substantial, and healthful.

Virgo: Chicken Orzo


Libra, you're considered the zodiac's diplomat. You value fairness, but you also like to indulge. You respect quality and take things slowly.

Libra: Lamb Ragu

You're notoriously intense and difficult to read. You don't always exhibit your sentiments, yet you're deep.It's impossible to hide your gentle and kind side.

Scorpio: Shells

Even when ordering spaghetti, you like tradition. As a sign that values predictability and reliability, sticking to your favorites is comforting.

Capricorn: Chicken Parm

Others misinterpret your intelligence and adaptability for disinterest. You're an observer when you meet people, yet your busy mind is doing a lot.

Aquarius: Moussaka

Pisces, creative and empathetic, are free to express themselves. You're one of the most balanced, stable, and peaceful zodiac signs.

Pisces: Scampi

Sagittarius, you're fun. Curiosity and learning keep you on your toes. You prefer to get into unexpected circumstances since you believe progress.

Sagittarius: Tuscan Gnocchi


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