Zodiac that are the Worst

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I'm sorry, but Virgos typically stink. Give them the opportunity to criticize someone, and they'll be the first to do so, regardless of whether they're hurting someone or throwing someone's heart about.


 Their pain-giving is not only emotional, as they do not mind being the laughing motorist who flees the scene of the murder.


Aquarius are so steeped with treachery and betrayal that they truly know how to abandon a person. Better to avoid, even in emergencies.


Apparently since Aries is intelligent, they justify their mean-spirited behavior with intellect, and gosh, do these people stink. Their issue resides in the fact.



Leo's treachery is so nerve-wracking that it will make your head spin. As a means of "teaching you a lesson," they will be the first to tell you something dreadful.


Sagittarius stinks, since they are solely interested in themselves. Often self-centered and egocentric, Sagittarius will not intentionally cause you trouble.


Libra stinks because they attempt to be someone they are not. Nevertheless, that's not terrible, right? They like organizing and beautifying things.


Pisces are whiny martyrs who never stop demanding attention, and then they force you to watch. Sometimes, though, they are worthy of notice.

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Do not anticipate things to go well while Cancer is around, since they are only content when they are grumbling. But, even if they do complain.


Gemini stinks too. Oh yeah. Try convincing one of these individuals to commit to anything.

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