Zodiacs That Feel Violated By Broken Promises

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Virgos are rational rather than emotional, so they will understand if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from keeping a promise. 

Yet, if your justifications are illogical, they will not be pleased with you.


Cancerians take things personally. They are sensitive, hence they will not tolerate being treated poorly. 

They will contemplate the issue until they comprehend precisely why you performed as you did. 


Aries are not scared to point out your errors. If you hurt their feelings or violate a commitment, they will bring it up.

They'll demand an explanation and ask you what the hell you were thinking.


Leos are not foolish, and they do not appreciate being treated as such. People expect their partners to tell them the truth, even if it hurts.

They have no fear of being single again since they are confident they can meet someone who treats them better.

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