Zodiacs Who Date Too Soon After A Break-Up

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Like with everything else in life, Aries views love as a game he refuses to lose. They are determined to "win" the split by getting over their ex faster.

Aries perceives heartbreak as a personal failure, thus they will do anything possible to avoid experiencing it. 


They are unable to be truthful with themselves regarding their emotions since they have significant difficulties managing them. 

This sign will not allow themselves time to digest and heal because doing so would necessitate facing their worst fears. 


Dating quickly after a split is about two things for Leo: finding someone to restore their confidence and embarrassing their ex. 

They soon recover to seek validation. Nothing brings them down from their gilded perch like heartbreak.


Libra does not know how to cope with being abruptly alone. This sign appreciates harmony, therefore a breakup disrupts their entire universe.

They are naturally confident, but prone to self-identification in interpersonal situations.

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